Sleepless in the Middle of the Atlantic

Sleep. We all need it for our bodies to function healthily, but lately, I find myself running on fewer and fewer hours of it. As of now, I’ve had 2 hours of shut-eye in the last 32 hours. I have a good reason this time though, for I’m currently writing this en route to Israel!

My family–Mom, Dad, and sister–and I are on an El Al flight from Newark, NJ to Tel Aviv, Israel. The ten hour flight is currently halfway over as we glide somewhere above the Atlantic. I’ve tried to sleep, but it’s difficult between the dim lighting, people chattering, and turbulence bouncing you awake. Normally, I can fall asleep anywhere, no matter the surroundings. Maybe it’s the caffeine still rushing through my veins, or the adrenaline of the week-long adventure ahead of me, but I’m wide awake.

Since my body is refusing to rest, I’m thinking about all the months that were spent talking and planning for this. I still can’t believe it’s really happening! Maybe, once I step outside onto the soil of the Jewish homeland, it will finally sink in.

I have no clue what to expect of this trip, and I have no expectations. I’m in it for the adventure and the experience of setting foot in the Land. Hopefully the energy of the place will keep this sleep-deprived body functioning through the first day of our tour!


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