I’m Stuck

I feel unsocial. Like a wallflower. An introvert. Watching my team take us to the championships as I sit on the bench. Outside, I am calm and collected, but inside, I am screaming. I want to join in, but I can’t. I am suffering. Suffering from Writer’s Block.

Writing prompts are there to get the juices flowing, to get the gears moving to get you to write. I, however, am stuck in the mud. Unable to gain any traction, my wheels are spinning. It’s frustrating. I want to write and join in with everyone, but I feel stuck behind a glass wall. I’m able to see everything going on through the glass, but am unable to get the full experience.

Should I force myself to write something, anything? Or should I wait until one of the prompts finally hits me and inspires something? Or, perhaps, maybe I was prompted. Prompted to write about how I couldn’t write. So, in a roundabout way, am I out of the rut?


2 thoughts on “I’m Stuck

  1. Currently I’m running external to the loop, some major writing to catch up on, and remastering some stories after they came back from my editor. Nah, writing about why you couldn’t write is just something to pass the time while stepping back to leap across the rut. Forget about the prompts too for a bit. First and for most write for yourself, or perhaps someone who’ll pay you, or write something for a friend, family, so many ways to seek out and set your own tasks to achieve with writing.

    My thought is today, you’ve bound to of heard/experience/learned/etc something, happy, sad, funny, adventurous, perhaps something completely left field, or different. These are all stories waiting for you to experience writing them in different ways, long, short, poetry, prose, going all the way up to a book if you choose. Then again, perhaps just go outside and enjoy the world, what ever feels good to you, plenty to choose from, writing is just a part of who we are, a fraction of fractions to piece together our whole.

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