I’m back!

What a hectic, crazy, whirlwind of a summer. I’ve hardly had time to write, let alone breathe. In between working two jobs, traveling around the state, and taking a summer class, I’ve really only had time to sleep and, sometimes, that hasn’t been for very long.

In June, I had the opportunity to travel all across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my Geology professor and 15 other students. Every night, we camped on the shores of either Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. We explored caves, waterfalls, sand dunes, cliffs, and even private property to see the unique geology of the state.

July consisted of a summer class that lasted a short six weeks. The workload was fast-paced, but it got me three credits closer to my degree! I also took a weekend to visit my friend in Charlevoix. Towards the end of the month, there was a murder of a 14-year-old girl in my hometown. As a small town, we never imagined anything like that could happen here. It shook us to the core, and changed the entire air of the place.

Perhaps the most hectic month is the one we are almost over with: August. The first week of August was spent in Traverse City, MI with my cousin and my sister. Of course, I just had to go and fall in love with the town. I’m an avid biker and would love to be able to commute to school and work, but where I’m at, there are no bike-friendly routes. In TC, however, there are bike lanes everywhere! I was so tempted to quit my semester at the community college I attend now, move up north, and enroll in Northwestern Michigan College.

The next week was our hometown fair that I have been going to for as long as I can remember. When I aged out of 4-H, I knew I eventually wanted to return and help put the fair on, and this year I did just that. Somehow, I landed a volunteer position as a superintendent for the 4-H craft judging. Being a part of something bigger than myself, and helping youth achieve their goals and enjoy something that I used to love, was the best feeling in the world. After working a 15 hour day for 4-H, I was right back at the fairgrounds the next morning working for the fair itself. Long story, but the week started out very stressful, and after finally getting some closure on something, I was able to fully enjoy the week.

The fair has always been the mark of the end of summer, and as soon as it ended, I had one week before heading back to school. This semester is my final semester at a community college before transferring to a university. While I’m excited to obtain my associate’s and move on to a new school, I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had here. Last year, I met some amazing friends who I couldn’t imagine living without. With two years left of school, I still have no clue where this path is taking me, but I can’t wait to see where I end up.

I don’t want this blog to go by the wayside. I hope to continue to write and post as I get the chance, and hopefully there won’t be so many months in between!