I. Love. Life.

Life is short; we all know that, but sometimes I don’t think we realize just how short it is. We always think we’ll have another hour, one more day, one more year. We’ll be able to tell someone we love them in another hour, we can apologize to the person we hurt tomorrow, or we can finally do that thing we’ve always wanted to do next year. Far too many people never get that tomorrow; far too many leave this earth before saying or doing all they wanted to do. Two weeks ago, this world lost someone who truly lived life in the moment: Jessica Nicole Brooks.

Jessica was the type of woman who knew what she wanted in life and wasn’t afraid to go for it. Because of her openness online, I often felt as if I knew her even though we had never met in person. A talented artist, Jessica loved Krav Maga, her Harley, and her husband, Bart. She always shared her opinion on politics, and always shared touching photos of her family. Her family has shared screenshots of her text messages in which she would declare her love for her husband, how amazing her life was, and how she was finally “there.” She was in the moment where her life was, in her mind, simply perfect. She was content. How fitting, then, that her last status on Facebook was “I. Love. Life.” Three little words with such happiness packed into them.

Flowers fade and signs become part of the scenery, but to live as Jessica lived for the 24 years she was on this earth would be the ultimate memorial. Love life, be happy, break stereotypes, do what you enjoy, and always tell someone exactly how you feel about them. We never know when our life will be over, so live it without regrets.


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