Free Write Friday: Quote Prompt

This is kind of a continuation of something I wrote earlier in the year. Check it out here first if you’d like. I haven’t done a FWF in awhile, but as soon as I saw this one, the words just started pouring out.


The snow had finally stopped falling and was beginning to melt away. Spring was still a long ways off as the long winter finally came to an end. It wasn’t the easiest winter for the girl, that was for sure. Not just because of the bitterly cold temperatures, but because of the dull ache that had been in her chest for months until she finally learned to let him go.

On a day when the grass was just beginning to show through the dirty snow, and the air was tempting her with a hint of warmth on its wind, she received a text that stopped her dead in her tracks. Looking at her phone, she saw a number that had been long deleted from her contact list. It was one that instantly transported her back to warmer days.

It was August, during the week of the local fair, and she was sitting in one of the ticket booths when he came up. In her mind, it was a typical meeting. Introductions were made, they shook hands, and they parted ways. By the end of the week, however, things were shifting slightly. She had observed the way this man handled himself, worked with others, and as much as she hated to admit it, she was hoping he’d ask her out.

By the end of the week, he did. Of course, it took her by surprise; she mumbled something about how hectic her schedule was with no time for dating. However, he was undeterred. Countless text messages later, she was able to see just how amazing he was. The thought of him consumed her mind, and soon she was sneaking away to see him every chance she got. The next few months were filled with walks, phone calls, and sitting with him on the combine during the harvest.

By mid-November, she knew she couldn’t go on with this anymore. It wasn’t a relationship; she didn’t know what it was. So, she decided to cut things off. She needed time to think, to be alone, and to try to get over him. For five months, they never talked or texted. Finally, by late winter, she had begun to get over him and even went on a couple of dates with someone else. Yes, things were beginning to looks up and he just might now be a part of her past.

Staring at her phone, hundreds of thoughts were rushing through her mind. Even though his name was no longer in her contact list, the number was all too familiar. Confusion came rushing in. At last, curiosity got the best of her, and she opened the message.